A (sort-of) Real Cold

Submitted by Thorby Rudbek on Sun, 10/18/2015 - 12:55

18th October 2015During my recent trip to England I had a cold that lasted several days and was a bit irritating.  I suppose the transition:- airplane air, time zone change (though that's not big from here!) and climatic differences finally made a chink in my immune system armour!  Oh well, it wasn't too bad and didn't affect my holiday plans.I do find it interesting that when I talk to others about not expecting to have colds every few months, most people don't seem to 'get it'.   I was told recently by my employer that I have taken one sick day in the past three and a half years... I have one friend who recently started using a specialty vitamin suppliment program and those make-it-yourself juice shakes that substitute for one or two meals each day.  She feels much healthier and has more energy than before, which of course is good, but it is costing her more than twenty pounds stirling a month.  Since my slightly radioactive rocks and uranium glass beads were purchased I have had no further expenses to maintain my good health [yes, of course I do eat a good amount of fibre and I do run three times a week].  A few months on the juice and vitamin plan would cost more than I spent, and it goes on costing more for each month you buy the pills and juice.The biggest problem is - of course - that people are scared by the idea of increasing their radiation exposure.  The only way I know to show that there's nothing to fear is to keep on with the program!  (Vitamin R is the best)!!