7th December 2014

Submitted by Thorby Rudbek on Sun, 12/07/2014 - 00:00

I get amused looks from some of my friends, thinking that my improved health is a figment of my imagination.  So...   here I am, about 8 months after my ultra-mild cold, letting you know (in the interests of objectivity, if there ever is such a thing) that I came down with a more substantial cold last Thursday.  I found myself using quite a few kleenex (maybe twenty in a day) and experienced a headache that lasted until Friday, when I hit it with ibuprofen.  I certainly didn't feel a hundred percent, but did carry on with work and other routines without any difficulty.   How often do you get a cold?  (I'm still thinking this is a long period).  Now, on Sunday, it is fading away.   I suppose the real point is, this is not an expensive way to boost health, and there really isn't a credible mechanism for it to harm, so why wouldn't it be worth trying?   I suppose the old mushroom cloud still hangs over a lot of people's subconscious.  It's a shame.